There is only one way to save yourself: sacrifice your reputation.

French avant-garde painter, poet and typographist. After experimenting with Impressionism and Pointillism, Picabia became associated with Cubism.

He was one of the early major figures of the Dada movement in the United States and in France. He was later briefly associated with Surrealism, but would soon turn his back on the art establishment.



Borimir Totev

About this Work 
In the same year that digital cameras outsold their analog counterparts, my aunt bought a camcorder to document both the arrival of her newborn and her arrival to a new life away from home.

Over 30 hours of VHS footage capture the intimate everyday experience of migrants at the dawn of a new Blairite millennium.

This archive stays true to homemade memories of the migration experience (often overshadowed by visuals of the hard done by, self-pitying immigrant).